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Service organizations rejects fourth saturday leave proposal for government employees

Service organizations disagree with government employees’ fourth Saturday holiday. The organizations objected when the government stipulated that five casual leaves would be reduced. In the discussion, the service organizations also demanded that the existing method of dependent appointment should be continued.

The discussion with the service organizations will be held on Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm Chief Secretary V.P. Called by Joey. The chief secretary sought the opinion of the service organizations on the proposal to make the fourth Saturday a holiday and to limit the dependent appointment to five percent.

Service unions opposed the fourth Saturday holiday. The objection of the organizations is that if the fourth Saturday is made a holiday, the number of casual leaves will be reduced. At present, government employees have 20 casual leaves in a year. The provision made by the government was that the number of casual leaves will be reduced to 15 with the fourth Saturday off. Employees get 12 holidays in a year in this category with the fourth Saturday of every month. Instead, the government wanted to reduce the current casual leave to 15. But the organizations opposed this.

In addition, the Chief Secretary also put forward a proposal to add 15 minutes to the current working hours in the morning and evening. Opposition to this has also been expressed
Organizations opposed the proposal for a holiday on the fourth Saturday. Organizations like the Joint Council have also raised some other demands. The Joint Council has raised the demand to withdraw the holidays currently granted in the name of religious and communal organizations.

The meeting also raised objections against changing the existing practice regarding appointment of dependents. The current practice of dependent appointment should continue. The organizations have taken a stand that they will never accept the government’s proposal to exempt those who cannot apply within one year by giving a relief of Rs. Following this, the meeting was adjourned without reaching a decision.

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